Made in America by an American
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We are proud to say that our wooden gifts are made here in the
United States by American hands.

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Each item is carefully made without a factory or assembly line. Our goal is to create beautiful, long lasting American made products & employ more Americans.

Our company, MADE IN AMERICA BY AN AMERICAN™ (MIABAA) is dedicated to making products in America & too employ more Americans in their own home offices. Our raw materials are bought from companies here in the USA. All products are assembled, turned, or made in the United States.

Foreign Factories VS. American factories

Americans cannot compete with foreign factors due to the extremely low cost of labor & the fact that there are no labor laws to regulate labor in other countries.

To help compete with this, we decided to take the factory to American home offices. This alleviates many overhead costs. It allows individuals to have the right that they did not have before. This also allows American families to have more quality time in a household, especially since most households have both spouses working.

MADE IN AMERICA BY AN AMERICAN™ Also known as MIABAA, currently has a wide range of products & will continue to find or make new American products continually. All products are engraved with the company name MIABAA.

It is a nice feeling to purchase a MADE IN AMERICA BY AN AMERICAN™ (MIABAA) item in your home. You know that the money spent has gone to American companies. Most of all, it has stayed here in the USA, not other countries that have taken many American jobs away.